Inquiry Project Assignment

Psychology 1010I Inquiry Project Assignment


The assignment is designed to help students learn to:

  • create and develop an appropriate psychological question,
  • use the PsycINFO database and appropriate internet search engines,
  • appreciate and use the academic resources available for studying psychological issues,
  • summarize ideas and arguments from the literature on a particular psychological issue,
  • evaluate the academic resources available for a particular psychological issue, particularly in terms of methodological issues, historical perspective, cultural influence, and theoretical approach.

The assignment

The assignment consists of two parts.

  • The primary task is to prepare an annotated list of resources appropriate for responding to a psychological question of interest.
  • The secondary task is to write a brief description of your personal contribution to the group project.

Primary task

In consultation with your tutorial leader your group will decide on a question/issue related to the study of psychological phenomena. Your group is to imagine that you have been employed to collect relevant materials that would assist a professional writer to prepare a sophisticated article about the question. You will not write this article yourself; you are doing the preliminary research for the professional writer. This person will need enough information to respond to the question comprehensively, but not so much that he or she will be unable to review it in a reasonable amount of time prior to writing the article. The writer is depending on your group not only to provide accurate and comprehensive resources, but also to provide an indication of what is to be learned about the question of interest from each of the items you list. Thus, each resource in your list must be annotated to indicate why it is there and what is to be learned from it. The resources you collect should be varied in nature, including academic materials from books and journal articles, but also from appropriate websites. Images, films, recordings, popular media, locations and people relevant to the question should also be mentioned if there is reason to believe they would serve the writer well. You are to assume that the writer wishes to include information about the historical and cultural background to the issue as well as about the nature of the most current debates involving the question/issue.
The annotated list of resources is to be produced as a contribution to the Psychology 1010N Wiki. The overall presentation format used in the final product is at the discretion of each group. The group should consider what information and what presentation of it would be most useful to the professional writer who will be using it to prepare an article. The resources themselves should be referenced in APA style wherever appropriate; a guide to APA referencing with examples is available here. A guide to the annotation of resources is available here.

Secondary task

When the project is complete, write a brief description of your personal contributions to the group's work and submit it by e-mail to your tutorial leader.

Due date

All work must be completed by 7:00pm, Wednesday, April 15, 2015. (Originally April 7, but revised because of the change in term and exam dates announced by the Faculty of Health)


The project will be evaluated as a whole, and all members of the group will receive the same grade initially. However, students who are unable to document an appropriate contribution to the work of the group will receive a lower mark.

In addition to evidence of meeting the goals stated above, the criteria for evaluation will include:

  • the appropriateness of the resources selected in terms of diversity, quantity and quality;
  • the quality of the annotations provided in terms of informativeness and accuracy; and
  • the feasibility of actually using the resource list as the basis for a paper or article on the selected issue.

Instructor assistance

Each instructor is taking responsibility for the groups associated with his or her tutorial, thus any questions you have about the project should be directed first to your tutorial leader: moc.liamg|ovtir.haras#haraS, ac.ukroy|2nanrefh#ylloH, ac.ukroy|kotrehct#anirI, ac.ukroy|eseehsr#noR

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