Hey guys it vanessa!! post what part of outline you guys want to begin with

Hey Vanessa. I can see this. But there is another page and I don't know how to delete it.

Also everyone can add to parts that are complete!

Reena computer is not working she told me she will begin with symbolism

Me ( Vanessa) will begin with psychodynamics and humanistic part

I can start with "What do dreams tell us about our mental and physical health?" and CBT. (Fiona)

For the topic of Dreams and it's interpretation of our mental and physical health, I've found a PDF file on psychinfo that discusses mostly about mental health on my part.
It uses ideas like associative memories and the unconscious to explain how dreams can be interpreted to show where our insane and delusional ideas are originated from.
It's a 21 page PDF:
The resource "Dreaming and illness" on psychinfo is another reading I'll use to discuss mental and physical health (and psychodynamic).
I found that what it discusses can be related closely to what's going to be discussed in the Therapy section, so when I have it written out I'll just have it reviewed over for overally duplicated ideas.
As for CBT I haven't research it's part yet, so I'll have it posted later. I'll try get the research draft done by next week, but if there's any other dates discussed today in the tutorial, just post it here

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