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Liza “Why it might be interesting? How did we come to it? What does it mean to be the only child? How it is different for having one or more siblings? What role a birth order plays in the development of personality of each child as an independent and autonomous individual within society? How it affects establishing interpersonal relationships with peers, their choice of a career and such an important and everyday needed and essential for being or becoming successful things like decision-making, time organization, stress resistance and motivation?
Everything has a reason. This topic is interested in a way that it touches everyone; perhaps everyone at least once questioned him/herself “what place I occupy in this family and how it would be different if I were the only child or what would happened if I had an older, younger brother or sister or even both?” And would it change my life in good or a bad way? Is not it better to ask for a puppy instead? I am just kidding…well maybe not, no I am). Anyway it is our credo to ask questions, wonder and make an assumptions what would happened if …and believe or not but we seems to be really good at it; it is a human nature which is striving to know more about selves; a curiosity and a desire to discover our strengths and weaknesses in order to use this information for a purpose of getting any benefits from it… So again, everything has a reason.
It is nice to imagine, fantasize and try on different plots or scenario; however I will agree with a well-known folk saying and repeat that “It isn't the place that graces the man, but man the place”. I prefer to believe that the way we live does not depend on any order or position we are given with our birth although it might give some influence but on the way we see, percept and associate ourselves and our role not only inside family but in a bigger family called society.”

The only child
The oldest child
The middle child
The youngest child

-education/choice of career/motivation
-personal qualities/character/behavior Liza

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