Group 102

Hey guys it vanessa!! post what part of outline you guys want to begin with

Hey Vanessa. I can see this. But there is another page and I don't know how to delete it.

Also everyone can add to parts that are complete!

Reena computer is not working she told me she will begin with symbolism

Me ( Vanessa) will begin with psychodynamics and humanistic part

I can start with "What do dreams tell us about our mental and physical health?" and CBT. (Fiona)

Hey. Just wondering who the important people are? Are we sticking to Freud and Jung?

Well, so far in my part there are several thinkers other than Freud and Jung that has been mentioned such as Domhoff and Scherner.
I don't know how big their role is in the general theory of dreams, but for now it's safe to focus on Freud and Jung. Hopefully we
can see which other thinkers you guys came across who aren't Freud and Jung. (Fiona)

I'll be discussing about schizophrenia in the mental health section, but I'll be adding my CBT part first. (Fiona)

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