Psychology 1010I

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The Psychology 1010I Inquiry Project

The Inquiry Project is a collaborative effort on the part of the members of Introductory Psychology courses directed by Ron Sheese over the past several years at York University. Our initial goal in 2007 was to create a dynamic set of resources for the study of each of 30 psychological issues identified by the members of that first class. The following years' classes identified additional issues for study, and the results of the work of recent students can be found on pages linked below.

The 2014/15 class members will continue in the same style, collecting and referencing material that would be valuable to someone seeking to write a professional paper on the issues of interest. Each collection of material will be accompanied by an explanation of how the particular inquiry question evolved and in what way each resource within the collection might be valuable to someone interested in the question.

Each resource collection will be presented in the fashion that seems most appropriate to the group of students responsible for collecting the resources, but all will contain references to books, journal articles, websites and other appropriate sources. Some past groups have compiled their resources on a single page; others have created links to separate pages for each element of the issue they wish to address.

Any readers who wish additional information on the project are encouraged to contact, ac.ukroy|eseehsr#eseehS noR, the Course Director of Psychology 1010I.

Resources for Inquiry Project contributors

For a description of the Group Inquiry Project assignment go to: Inquiry Project Assignment.

For a discussion of what it means to annotate references go to: Creating annotations

For examples of citations and references in proper APA style go to: APA style

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Project Pages for 2014/15

Sarah 8:30am tutorial

Sarah 9:30am tutorial

Holly 8:30am tutorial

Holly 9:30am tutorial

Project Pages for 2014/15

Irina 8:30am tutorial

Irina 9:30am tutorial

Ron 8:30am tutorial

Ron 9:30am tutorial

Examples from Previous Years

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